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The Energizer Bracelet
The Energizer Bracelet

 The Travel Energizer
Nothing like Tiger Eye beads to decrease anxiety and bring up happiness when traveling. This beautiful stone also increases your ability to focus and get organized, which we all know are very important factors when coordinating your travel plans. 
The bracelet is made with 12mm faceted Tiger Eye stones and sterling silver chips, adorned with an ornate silvery metal focal bead.  

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San Juan Bracelet San Juan Bracelet +

 Qué Viva San Juan!   
The tropical summer breeze and the sound of the ocean. In San Juan, life moves to the rhythm of the tambores. In the distance, past a field of green lawns, you'll find the San Felipe del Morro fortress. It is a sight to see - surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 
This bracelet celebrates San Juan with green faceted agate, wooden African cylinder beads, clay-Taino beads, gold-filled glass crosses, lapis lazuli and a beautiful combination of the three colors of the Puerto Rican flag.  

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Nightlife in Oslo Nightlife in Oslo +

Land of the Eternal Sun 
Oh the beautiful lights in Oslo! The tulips were abundant and the city sparkled, much like this gorgeous bracelet. Some colors stand out, such as the burgundy faceted jade beads, accented with sterling silver chips and lapis lazuli. Finally, an accent of the most beautiful zirconia bead complete this classy wrist-accent.
Just like all our bracelets, this is a limited edition design.  

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Chakra1 7 Chakra with Brown Volcanic Lava Stones +


Keep your chakras in balanced and your style strong with our unisex chakra and lava beads bracelet. Made with lava beads and a line up of stunning chakra beads consisting of Amethysts,  Turquoise, Imperial Jaspers and Agate stones.

Since the lava beads are porous, add a drop of your favorite essential oil and make this an aromatherapy bracelet! Makes a perfect gift for men and women. These are natural gemstones and lava stones so no two will be identical.

The stretch bracelet offers easy slip-on and off styling for a snug fit.

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Lave Bead Tone

The Norway Winters Bracelet The Norway Winters Bracelet +

White Norway 
The winters in Norway are something else. There is constant daylight for once and white, just white, everywhere. It is frigid, but beautiful nonetheless.
This bracelet celebrates this particular part of the year. It is made with 12mm magnesite and crackled/frosted beads, then enhanced by sterling silver chips and a gorgeously elaborate sterling silver ornate bead.

Norway Winter 2
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The Madrid Bracelet The Madrid Bracelet +

Remember Madrid?
Reminiscent of the colors of the calle Fuencarral  buildings and the nearby Plaza de Chueca, this little gem of a bracelet is the perfect accessory to those who love the vibrancy of this city. The sterling silver dividers complement the elaborate center bead. Other stones are Amazonite, Frosted Glass and Riverstone.

The stretch Bracelet offers easy slip on and off, for a stylish and snug fit. This is a limited edition bracelet.

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Le Rouge Bracelet Le Rouge Bracelet +

Ooh La, La Paris! 
Inspired in...where else? The Moulin Rouge in Paris, of course! This gorgeous bracelet has a very ornate gold plated fine bead as the focal accent, surrounded by exquisite red coral, frosted glass and black Goldstone beads.

This bracelet stretches for an easy and snug fit and can be complimented with other accessories, or worn as a sole piece. As many of our designs, this is a limited edition bracelet.

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The Bangkok Bracelet The Bangkok Bracelet +

Living Bangkok!
Love the sounds and fast living pace of Bangkok, Thailand! There is a temple in every corner and it seems like one is more beautiful than the last one. Elaborate shrines adorn almost every building in the city. Tuk Tuk taxis zoom by the congested roads and there are vendors and crafters everywhere. This bracelet is specifically inspired in the colors and surroundings of the Wat Pho Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It is made with labradorite, faceted Czech glass, sterling silver chips, rare Meenakari and gold plated ornate bead, as focal point.

Thai 1
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  • Thai 8 Box and Bag
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The Dublin Bracelet The Dublin Bracelet +

How-Ye Dublin? 
The magic and beauty of Dublin are celebrated with this beautiful bracelet. Bearing the colors of the Irish flag, this bracelet is made with Malachite breads, complemented by frosted, crackled white beads and frosted orange glass beads. The focal point of the bracelet is a beautiful Nepal brass and gemstone bead, protected by gold chips.
This is yet another limited edition bracelet and stretches for an easy slip on and off.

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Tian Buddha Bracelet Tian Buddha Bracelet +

Tian's Home
This is the Tian Buddha Bracelet. It represents the amazing Hong Kong statue and the sites surrounding it. The Labradorite  beads represent the tones of greys and silver present in the structure where the Buddha sits, while the green Malachite mimics the forests that nestle the giant deity. Sterling silver chips give that luxury touch to the piece, which is accented with an ornate silvery metal bead.

  • Tian2
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